Why You Need Lawyers for a Binding Financial Agreement

Some things – like writing a Will – don’t need to be done by a lawyer, but an experienced family law firm like Robinson Family Lawyers is essential to create a Binding Financial Agreement (BFA) between two parties that is considered legal. Unfortunately, the breakdown of relationships these days is a common occurrence, so couples often make such an agreement before the marriage in order to protect their assets.

So if you are going to do this there will need to be not one, but two lawyers involved; one to act on your own behalf and one to act on behalf of your fiancée. Each one has to give their client – you and your fiancée – separate legal advice and they then have to sign a Certificate saying that they did so. Without these Certificates, the BFA will not be legally enforceable. Each party must be given a copy of both Certificates.

How to Have Violence Restraining Orders Set Aside

Violence Restraining Orders (VRO) are taken out by someone who is afraid due to being intimidated or abused in some way, against the perpetrator. It is a legal document, the terms of which are dictated in accordance with the specific situation it is meant to prevent. An experienced criminal law firm such as Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers may suggest taking out a VRO on someone to prevent them contacting you in any way, thus alleviating a situation and preventing escalation of the problem.

If you have been served with a VRO you should carefully consider consulting a lawyer’s list to find professional legal advice as you have to follow the terms of it carefully, otherwise you will be fined or could face a gaol term. If you feel that it is not necessary or that the terms will make life hard for you – for instance, if you will lose your job because of it – you can apply to have it changed or set aside.


What to do Before Applying for a Binding Financial Agreement

A binding financial agreement is usually sought from the courts when a relationship has broken down and the parties have divorced. In some cases the distribution of assets can be decided between the two parties without recourse to a court decision on the matter, but most often there is no agreement, so the matter must be decided by the Family Law Court and both parties should be represented by experienced family lawyers such as Robertson Hayles.

However, you can’t simply apply for a court decision as soon as the divorce is final. First of all, seek advice from a family lawyer and if this is too costly for you, there is a free legal service available through the Family Relationship Advice Line or the Legal Aid Service in your state.

Using a dispute resolution service

The Family Law Courts require you to have genuinely attempted to come to an agreement through a dispute resolution service. The benefits of going this route are that you have more control over the process and it is much more affordable, not to mention quicker. So you can get on with your new life much more quickly when you work out an agreement with these people.


What to Know about Bail Applications

If you get into trouble and are arrested by the police, you may be granted bail. This only happens if you have not committed a crime of violence and the police think you will not re-offend in any way. If you have contacted a criminal law firm such as PCLB Criminal Lawyers they will most likely apply for bail on your behalf.

In some cases the police will let you go after you’ve been charged without any need for bail. However, you must agree to attend court on the date set, whether you get out on bail or not. There are two types of bail; police bail and court bail.

How to Start Divorce Proceedings

Once a marriage has completely broken down, one or both parties usually file for divorce.  It is a good idea to consult with family lawyers to find out the best way to proceed. Most will tell you that there must be a separation of 12 months before you can start divorce proceedings. In fact, this cannot be done until 12 months and one day after the separation.

Fortunately for those people who would find it financially difficult to live somewhere else, a couple can be legally separated while still residing in the same home. The court may require proof of separation and this can be given in several ways.


The Consequences of Shareholder Disputes

When you have a business with shareholders one thing you have to watch out for is a dispute between the shareholders and directors. This can arise if the shareholders don’t get much in the way of return for their investment and they blame the director for mismanagement. It is essential to have commercial lawyers who know all about your business to try and reduce the damage as much as possible and get things back on track.

The consequences of not clearing the problem up are serious and can even be disastrous.

Separation and Divorce

How to Get Through Separation and Divorce

The break-up of a relationship is never easy to get through, but it is sometimes necessary, to get your life back together the way you planned for it to be. A family law firm can help you when you are at your wit’s end, not knowing what to do for the best. While there is much information online, a solicitor can give you advice that is specific to your unique circumstances and they can also support you.

It makes a big difference to be able to talk a problem through with a professional who knows all the legal ins and outs of the matter. They can explain all the ramifications of a certain decision, something that people may not understand fully because they are too close to their problems, as well as being emotionally upset about everything.

It is usually better to try and settle things out of court. For a start it is a speedier process and it is also a great deal cheaper. Having a solicitor on your side will facilitate matters and help you understand how you can proceed to get that separation and divorce underway with the least amount of strain and stress.