How to Have Violence Restraining Orders Set Aside

Violence Restraining Orders (VRO) are taken out by someone who is afraid due to being intimidated or abused in some way, against the perpetrator. It is a legal document, the terms of which are dictated in accordance with the specific situation it is meant to prevent. An experienced criminal law firm such as Culshaw Miller Criminal Lawyers may suggest taking out a VRO on someone to prevent them contacting you in any way, thus alleviating a situation and preventing escalation of the problem.

If you have been served with a VRO you should carefully consider consulting a lawyer’s list to find professional legal advice as you have to follow the terms of it carefully, otherwise you will be fined or could face a gaol term. If you feel that it is not necessary or that the terms will make life hard for you – for instance, if you will lose your job because of it – you can apply to have it changed or set aside.