10 Reasons Tourists Choose Bali Villas for Accommodation

Visiting Bali is an exciting time, especially if you have never been before. It is important to get everything organised; buy your tickets ahead of time and book good accommodation to suit you or your group. According to Easy Bali Villas there are several accommodation options when you holiday at Bali, from hotels and resorts through to B&B or villas. The villas are becoming a popular choice for several reasons.

  1. Staying at a Bali villa gives you more room and freedom. It’s like having your own exotic cottage and you don’t have to worry that you are disturbing people in the adjoining rooms every time you laugh or if you want to play music a bit loud.
  1. There is a kitchenette and living area for your own use so you can brew a coffee or eat whenever you feel like it.


What Do You Want From Your Holiday In Bali?

You may think there is only one thing anyone would want on their holiday to Bali and that is fun. But there are different kinds of fun and what one person likes is not necessarily what another would think of as fun. For instance, some people go to Bali for the amazing theme park with some of the longest water slides in the world, while others are more intent on seeing the temples or other sights. Still others want to go on hikes or white water rafting.

So before you set off, or even book accommodation in Bali, think what it is you really want to do when you get there. Once you know the main areas of your activities you will be able to book accommodation that is near to them and save time and costs in travelling. If you ask Bali accommodation experts Easy Villas Bali villas are a good choice of accommodation as most have pools so you don’t have to depend on going to a beach if you want to cool off or just take a dip.


Bali Travel Tips

Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations with Australians, partly because the air fares and accommodation are so reasonable. And because it is quite close to our shores, you don’t waste a lot of time travelling. Bali offers plenty to do and see and the nightlife is something that attracts many young people. If you are thinking of Bali as your next overseas destination, there are some must-dos before you travel, but here are some travel tips to make your holiday even more spectacular.

  • Many people book accommodation in one of the hotels, but according to holiday booking experts Luxury Villas Bali luxury villas can be a good alternative and sometimes closer to the beach. Since the beaches and surf are often a big drawcard, it is better to stay close to them than have to travel out of the city every time you want to surf.
  • There are many different types and locations when it comes to villas in Bali. You can book into a cabin that is part of a resort and have all the advantages right on your doorstep. Or you can have accommodation that is more private, away from all the other cabins. You can even have your own chef and a chauffeur driven car, if you book them ahead of time. The latter is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy the nightlife but are not sure of getting home afterwards.
  • You may think that shorts and t-shirts are all you need for a trip to Bali, but many clubs enforce a higher standard dress code, so it will pay you to take at least one ‘good’ outfit.


9 Tips for Newcomers to Bali

While many people return every year to holiday in Bali, there are always newcomers to the island that may not know too much about it, such as what to expect and where to go. Here are some tips for newcomers to Bali that will help you get the most out of your holiday in this popular tourist destination.

  1. If you don’t want to buy, don’t ask the price. While this is accepted in Australia, it will only make the Balinese vendors chase you down the street trying to sell you something. It’s better to not even stop or make eye contact unless you are a serious shopper.
  2. If you want to shop, make sure you are somewhat familiar with Australian prices because these days the prices are not what they were. That said, you can haggle if you want, but do it respectfully.