Ten Tips for Buying Your Dream Home

If you are tired of renting you may be thinking about buying a home. While this is a big decision and a big responsibility, here are 10 tips to make the process go more smoothly – and to help you work out whether you can really afford to buy a home.

  • Use online tools to work out the weekly cost of a mortgage. You also need to add in other costs such as insurance, solicitor’s fees, government charges, interest and other bank charges. Only when you know you can afford those repayments will you be able to go ahead.
  • It’s wise to get pre-approval for your loan so you can move quickly once you find something you like and can afford. It could make the difference between success and missing out.


Tips for Increasing Your Property Value

There is no doubt about it, landscaping increases the value of your property. Not only does it make your property look beautiful, it shows everyone that it is a well-cared for property. If you wanted to buy a property you would certainly be less interested in one that had long, straggly grass, half-dead shrubs and weed-filled gardens. You would even suspect that the roof might leak, just by looking at the garden!

Whether you are selling your home or not, it is easy and fun to get your outside area into great shape, especially knowing that the value of the home will rise by up to 11%, as discovered by a Michigan University study. Here are some tips that will provide good value in your landscaping or garden maintenance efforts.


What to do Before Applying for a Binding Financial Agreement

A binding financial agreement is usually sought from the courts when a relationship has broken down and the parties have divorced. In some cases the distribution of assets can be decided between the two parties without recourse to a court decision on the matter, but most often there is no agreement, so the matter must be decided by the Family Law Court and both parties should be represented by experienced family lawyers such as Robertson Hayles.

However, you can’t simply apply for a court decision as soon as the divorce is final. First of all, seek advice from a family lawyer and if this is too costly for you, there is a free legal service available through the Family Relationship Advice Line or the Legal Aid Service in your state.

Using a dispute resolution service

The Family Law Courts require you to have genuinely attempted to come to an agreement through a dispute resolution service. The benefits of going this route are that you have more control over the process and it is much more affordable, not to mention quicker. So you can get on with your new life much more quickly when you work out an agreement with these people.


Bought a New Home? Beat the Removalists

When you buy a new home the decision is usually made taking into consideration your budget and your lifestyle needs. Even if you love the look of your new home, you may want to change something before you move in, so don’t book Brilliance Removalists Melbourne too far ahead of time. In fact, it’s a good idea to go through your new home before you move in, jotting down notes about what you don’t like and can afford to change.

While the house is still empty is the ideal time to have any renovations done because you won’t have to move furniture around. And of course, you won’t be living there so the noise and dust of the renovations won’t drive you mad.  So what kind of renovations are likely? Even simple ones can make a difference to the kind of life you will lead in your new home.