Bridesmaid Robe Trends

What’s Hot: 2018 Bridesmaid Robe Trends

If choosing your bridesmaids isn’t hard enough, picking their outfits such as bridesmaid robes for pre-wedding events, and the big day, will be. Not only do you have to cater for your tastes and the theme of your wedding, but you’ve also got to think about what they will like. Who wants to be known as the bride who made their bridesmaids wear the most horrific outfits?

Instead, think outside the square for the events leading up to the big day, and opt for bridesmaid robes that tick all the boxes. Below, we’ve included robe trends of 2018 that is sure to be appreciated by your bridal party.

Pajama sets

While traditional floral printed wraps are famous for being on trend and exceptionally versatile, pyjama sets could very well be the next big thing. As you treat your bridal group to a girl’s day, full of champagne, manicures, and pedicures, why not opt for a silky set of summer PJs to get the party started? You can purchase them in a range of colours and styles, all the while being as flexible as a bridesmaid robe.


Okay so it’s not traditional, but if your wedding isn’t traditional, why should your bridesmaid robes be? Sweatpants can be customised to include the names of your bridal party, and are a great talking point for a mid-winter wedding. Don’t feel afraid to buck the wedding bridal party trend. Your bridesmaids are sure to appreciate the comfort these pants provide!