8 Points to Remember About Drug Addiction

While the thought of a loved one or anyone else suffering from drug addiction may make you feel bad, there is almost always hope. Most drug rehab centres have great programmes to get the addict off drugs and heading back to a normal life. If you know a person who is addicted to drugs, encouraging them to get treatment is essential; the sooner they undergo treatment the more successful it will be.

Here are 8 points to remember about drug addiction:

  • In spite of the many harmful consequences, drug addicts cannot get off the drugs on their own, just by trying harder. It is a chronic disease where drug use is compulsive and uncontrollable due to changes in the brain.
  • Brain changes continue to occur while ever the person takes drugs. This can lead to behavioural changes such as lack of self control and the inability to resist the urge to take more drugs.
  • Drug addiction is a relapsing disease. If the addict relapses it means the treatment regime was not successful and should be changed the next time.
  • Most drugs cause the brain to produce an oversupply of the chemical dopamine which is what causes the intense pleasurable ‘high’.