Security Fencing

Thinking About a Security Fence To Protect Your Property?

Secure Protection

Security fencing is erected to either protect items on your property from being stolen, or vandalised, or to protect people from hurting themselves in an accident on your property when nobody is there. Security fences have become a fact of life for most businesses, particularly if they keep anything outside the buildings in the yards, such as heavy equipment. Even churches are having their grounds surrounded by security fencing to keep vandals out. Thieves like to steal air conditioners and copper wire. It seems nothing is sacred anymore.

The Location

If you are contemplating a security fence, you need to work out where it’s going to be erected. If the ground is rocky, or uneven, it might pose some problems come installation. If you don’t mind a bit of labour, you can even out the ground where the fence will be placed, otherwise the contractors will charge you a lot more for that anyway.

Fencing Material

You have to decide what type of fence you want – made of steel, aluminium, steel mesh or chain link, which we call cyclone fencing. Chain link can be cut with bolt cutters, but you can’t cut steel and aluminium so easily. Well, not at all with bolt cutters. Cost comes into play when you are deciding on the materials for your security fence. Weigh up the cost with the level of protection you require.