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Subscription Package: What's included

When a district or school subscribes to Espresso Elementary, you receive more than just online access to the content. The subscription package:

  • Full access to all Pre-K through Grade 5 resources, across all subjects and topics
  • Alignment with Common Core and State standards
  • Weekly News Roundup and USA TODAY news articles 
  • Weekly content, feature and functionality updates
  • Implementation support to help get you started and using it daily 
  • 24/7 access to all content
  • Secure log-ins for teachers, students and parents
  • Weekly newsletter and monthly "Jolt of Espresso", keeping you up-to-date with new content, teaching tips and strategies 

Subscription Package: Professional Development Webinars

Are you looking for practical ways to integrate Espresso Elementary into your lesson design? Look no further, Espresso has developed a series of professional development webinars designed to help teachers identify quick and easy ways to use Espresso Elementary in the classroom. 

Webinar Schedule

To sign up for a webinar, simply click the link next to the webinar you are interested in. Please note, pre-registration is required for these webinars.

These webinar sessions are designed for Espresso customers, and assume that the participants are familiar with the basic ways of navigating Espresso and finding resources on the site. If you would like to arrange an introductory webinar session for your school then please contact us and our Implementation team will be in touch. 


 There are no webinars scheduled at this time. 


Focusing on a specific topic area, presenters will lead participants through the various resources and will share ideas about how to integrate them in three major components of lesson design; the introduction, instruction, and follow up. Each of these three major components is further broken down to identify specific uses in the teaching and learning environment. 

Webinars contain a pre-recorded section that shows how to navigate through various components of the teaching resource while the presenter discusses application strategies. Participants will be allowed to ask questions during the presentation and will also have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue once the pre-recorded component of the presentation has finished. The webinars are no longer than 30 minutes in length. 

Subscription Package: Online Professional Development

We are committed to contributing to teachers' professional development while supporting them in getting best value out of the Espresso Elementary service. We achieve this by delivering an Online Professional Development course to districts and schools that provides teachers with:

  • an opportunity to explore & better understand key educational themes and
  • the skills and knowledge they need to effectively integrate Espresso into their curriculum planning and delivery.

How is the Online Professional Development designed?

The course consists of six learning modules that are designed to be completed as independent study, as part of a professional learning community, or as part of a school building and/or system. The experience may occur totally online, through a hybrid approach or as a framework for face-to-face facilitation.

What will each module provide?

Each module will provide approximately two to three hours of instruction for a total of 15 hours. The total package may be equivalent to one Continuing Education Unit. (You will need to confirm with your district if you can use these modules towards CEUs).

Each module will contain opportunities for self-reflection including:

  • Reflective Assessments - are a set of multiple-choice questions that serve as a prompt for self-reflection and provides participants with immediate feedback.
  • Embedded Assessments - give participants the opportunity to reflect on how the ideas covered in each module can be applied to their own classroom practice. 

At the conclusion of each module, the participant will create a teaching and learning project based the practical application of the ideas explored within that module. 

What are the six modules?

  1. Connecting Espresso - supports standards-based teaching and learning
  2. Engaging all Learners - covers differentiated instruction and intervention strategies
  3. Espresso and Interactive Media - includes Interactive Whiteboards and podcasting
  4. Espresso and Reading - covers reading comprehension strategies
  5. Espresso and Assessment - supports both summative and formative assessment
  6. Espresso Engages - includes class and home remediation and enrichment

Watch our short video or download our flyer for more information on the Online PD Course

How do I get started?

Our Online Professional Development course is just $495 per school for the complete course, six modules. This provides course access to all staff and one facilitator within the school or district. The facilitator is responsible for sharing course and login instructions, and monitoring ongoing progress. Each participant receives a login to access the course and its hands-on assignments at the end of each module. A Certificate of Completion is available for schools to provide to their teachers who have successfully completed the course. This also includes a formal review of all completed hands-on course assignments for two participants assessed by our professional development team. For these two formal reviews, the participants will receive a Certificate of Commendation for high quality work and achievement of the outcomes. 

The course can also be combined with our face-to-face training options either at the district or school level. Please contact us for further information.

Subscription Package: On-Site Professional Development

Teachers at a training session

The On-Site Professional Development will prepare participants to get the best value out of their Espresso subscription. We aim to:

  • engage participants in connecting instructional "best practices" to Espresso's digital curriculum resources,
  • empower participants to use Espresso's tools to address the content and instructional needs of your district/school's curriculum, and
  • provide a hands-on learning experience that covers key initiatives including: standards-based instruction (Common Core &/or State), differentiated instruction, RTI, multiple intelligences, and development of 21st century skills.

Professional Development Models

We will work with you to customize a model that best fits your district/school requirements. The model will be customized based on who will participate in the training, and the district/school leaders' goals for the training.

  • Train the trainer - we recommend 3 trainers per school (maximum of 30 total participants). We will provide trainers with materials, resources, and activities to prepare them to trickle down the learning to educators within their schools. Recommended tips and strategies for conducting a successful training session will also be reviewed.
  • Individual educators - 30 participants. We will provide educators with materials, resources and activities so that they can increase their comfort level with Espresso and embed Espresso into their daily lessons.

Professional Development Framework

Both models above will follow the framework below with adjustments made based on the session participants and goals of the district/school. 

1. Introduction

  • Review agenda, objectives and learning outcomes for the day.
  • Introduce Espresso and make connections between past and present learning experiences related to the digital curriculum service. 

2. Navigation

  • Using a script, navigate Espresso to cover the critical aspects of the service, including both content and tools.

3. Modeling

  • Through active modeling, work on a variety of differentiated instruction activities that will allow for experiential learning and collaborative discussion with colleagues. 
  • Specific models include the use of learning centers, whole group instruction using whiteboards, and small group instruction.

4. Exploration

  • Explore Espresso to find connections to their students, the school curriculum and standards. 
  • Guiding questions lead the exploration and stimulate thinking, encouraging the participants to identify resources in Espresso that could be used in lessons to address their students’ needs and standards.

5. Collaborative Engagement

  • Breaking into groups, together discuss the Exploration experience, the guiding questions, as well as the Espresso resources identified and their attributes.
  • Share and collaborate with colleagues to develop a deeper and broader understanding of major concepts and obtan more information about areas of interest.

6. Peer Evaluation

  • Participant teams will share with the entire group the important teaching and learning resources that were identified/created and the experiences that emerged from the Collaborative Engagement section.
  • During this time, facilitators observe and assess participants to evaluate their understanding of key concepts and skill development.

7. Next Steps

  • Reflect upon the objectives and learning outcomes reviewed during the Introduction section.
  • Share and address the priorities of the district/school to connect to how Espresso can and will become an important part of standards-based instructional and curriculum strategies going forward. 


To take this learning further, we recommend Espresso's Online Professional Development course (additional $495) and our on-going webinars (free). 


Please contact us to discuss your On-site Professional Development needs so that we can develop a pricing proposal specific to your school/district. 

Subscription Package: Implementation

The successful implementation of Espresso Elementary across each school in your district is critical to its success and ensures educational return on your investment. We believe implementation involves more than simply enabling accounts for schools to access the content.

Upon receipt of your order, you will be introduced to an implementation manager who is your key contact throughout your subscription period. The manager is responsible for getting you up and running with Espresso as quickly as possible - both educationally and technically.

They will work with you and your advisers to communicate the availability of Espresso Elementary and help you embed the resources into the staff's planning and practice. Over time, the manager will monitor usage of Espresso, assisting those who may need additional support and further extending those super-users ready to keep move forward.

Subscription Package: Free Fun Stuff

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