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Reviews: User feedback

Don't just take our word for it - hear what our subscribers have to say about Espresso Elementary. Find out how teachers, schools, and districts have been using our online teaching resources to support learning in the classroom and the positive impact it has had on their students.

Tell us how you are using Espresso in your classroom

  • "As we began to implement the Common Core, finding age-appropriate informational text was a real concern. However, the News Roundup feature immediately filled that void beyond my expectations."

    Christina Cedrone, Teacher, St Mel School, NY

  • "I recently observed a lesson that was centered around an Espresso activity and the students loved it...and it seemed effortless for the teacher. Everything was already done for her, all she had to do was find the activity that coordinated with her lesson." 

    Melissa Welsh, Principal, Homeville Elementary School, West Mifflin Area SD, PA

  • "I cannot express how much I enjoy working with Espresso Elementary, it gives me an opportunity to work hands-on with the classroom teachers. What I truly love about Espresso is the fact that I can expand the topics to reach out in areas I would never have imagined myself...thus giving my students the chance for true critical and creative experiences."

    Patie Ventre, Technology Director, Holy Angels Catholic Academy, NY

  • "Espresso is a wonderful digital curriculum, cross-curricular website anchored to the Common Core Standards. There are so many ways Espresso has enhanced learning for students at Lincoln Elementary this year. For example, third graders explored the module "Arriving in America". The students watched actual video footage, viewed photographs and explored interactive maps so they could understand the great wave of immigration that occurred in the United States between the 1880s and 1920s. History became real for these young learners. The culminating activity was to write a journal entry as an immigrant arriving in America. Using their background knowledge (powered by Espresso) this activity was a piece of cake!"

    Carol Glowicki, Teacher, Lincoln Elementary School, Dolton SD 148, IL

  • "Espresso offers a great opportunity for students to see how real life relates to what they are learning. The ability to help differentiate a lesson is a great way to meet all of my students' needs. I feel that my students greatly benefit from what Espresso's team has to offer. The ability to tie in the Common Core with technology is a real advantage in today's education world."

    Bill Krakower, Teacher, Beatrice Gilmore Elementary School, Woodland Park SD, NJ

  • Espresso is a valuable tool in my classroom!  The News Roundup is a personal favorite!  I use it every Thursday with my first grade group.  The videos are long enough to give important, interesting information, and short enough to retain the students’ attention and excitement.  My students with special needs also love using the reading/phonics section of the Espresso site with our interactive board.  Being able to move around during a lesson helps to keep the students motivated and on task.  I can’t wait to explore the rest of what Espresso has to offer!

    Jennifer McLemore, Reading Specialist, St. Viator Elementary School, IL

  • "The more I use this site the more I find so many ways to use it in my classroom. Current events linked with USA Today articles really assists my students with informational text. My plan is to use News Roundup every Friday for the rest of this school year! The visuals, and various activities my students use, individually or with whole groups using our SMARTBoard, allow students active, not passive learning."

    Debbie Dermady, Teacher, Guardino Elementary School. Thousand Islands CSD, NY


    "We have found Espresso to be an excellent tool for K-5. Classroom teachers and special education team members have made use of the resources to meet the varying needs of our students. The weekly News Roundup has become a tool to address current events and connect learning activities to meaningful content for the students. We are most thankful for this resource and the support which has been provided by the team at Espresso."


    Catherine Wang, Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Glencoe SD 35, IL

  • "There have been many benefits to implementing Espresso Elementary within our curriculum!  Its cross-curricular approach to reinforcing specific skills makes it easy to correlate interactive lessons with the academic standards.  We have used Espresso as a supplement to several of our existing core programs.  The activities are structured in such a way that previously learned material is broken into component parts- making Espresso an excellent center for Guided Reading, Kidwriting, or any other blocks of time. I would recommended Espresso without reservation!"

    Gwen Damiano, Principal, Robert Morris Elementary School, Scranton SD, PA

  • "The content and interface of Espresso support our instructional needs at the elementary level. The modules provide an opportunity for students to guide their own learning while the 'Route creator' provides a chance for teachers to create customized learning paths for both the needs of individual students and entire classrooms. The graphics, accessibility features, and activities engage the students and the continuous development from the supportive company staff is encouraging to our instructional staff."

    Christopher Fahnoe, Director of Technology & Assessment, Arlington Heights School District 25, IL

  • "Espresso affords all our teachers the opportunity to expand their lessons into the real world.  Personalizing lessons gives our special education teachers a unique handle on servicing  the specific needs of their IEP students. I feel our students’ curriculum has been enriched thanks to Espresso and their amazing team!"

    Dr. Candace Dunleavy, Director of Special Programs, Dolton School District #148, IL

  • "Thank you Espresso!!!  We are having a wonderful time learning while using Espresso.  We especially enjoy the fact that there is kid friendly current news (News Roundup) to keep us up to date with the world."  

    Coletta Bain, 2nd Grade Teacher, Sheiko Elementary School, West Bloomfield School District, MI

Reviews: Professional Development reviews

  • "I really learned a lot and loved exploring the educational possibilities for our students. The information presented was powerful. I have a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction and so much of the information reinforced my prior knowledge - yet through Espresso it provided me with a whole new approach."

    Carol Glowicki, Teacher, Lincoln Elementary, Dolton SD 148, IL

  • "The value [in the Online Professional Development course] is that teachers will become more familiar with Espresso making it easy to add to lessons and the curriculum. The transition from the modules to the classroom was quick and efficient. Ideas were easy to implement and I feel like I can get started immediately. The example lessons are simple and engaging - students will not lose interest!"

    May Denha, Teacher, Sheiko Elementary School, West Bloomfield SD, MI

Reviews: Research

  • Espresso Elementary has a significant positive impact on student performance in math

    The results are in and they show that Espresso Elementary has a significant positive impact on student performance in math. MIDA Learning Technologies, an educational consultancy organization, has published the results of an 18-month, mixed methods study regarding the efficacy of Espresso in 10 classrooms. Findings showed:


    • The students in the experimental group significantly outperformed the control group on the standards-based post-test.
    • The students in the experimental group also significantly performed better on the standards-based post-test than the standards-based pre-test.


    The statistical data suggests that the use of Espresso as part of the everyday curriculum, even when used for little more than one hour per week, helped students to achieve at higher levels than their counterparts who were taught without Espresso. 


    All participants in the research study observed that Espresso increased student engagement and focus on the mathematical topics being taught in the classroom. Students were very excited when their time came to work on Espresso and it provided a meaningful learning context resulting in a classroom climate promoting higher student achievement.


    Download the Espresso Summary [PDF] | Download the Executive Summary [PDF] | Download the Full Report [PDF] | Watch our video [YouTube]

  • Espresso encourages deeper and wider learning

    Lancaster University in the UK conducted an independent academic evaluation of Espresso Primary, the Espresso Education product in the UK. Using evidence from over 330 user schools in the UK three key positive effects were highlighted:

    • Espresso resources encourage deeper and wider learning
    • Earlier use of Espresso is associated with higher achievement at the intermediate levels
    • Espresso takes 50% less time than Internet resources when selecting, vetting, and assessing a resource on the Internet


Reviews: Video testimonials


  • Bonnie Striegel, Principal, Viking Elementary, Holmen SD, WI

    I think Espresso is well worth the investment

  • Jeanette Armstrong, Viking Elementary, Holmen SD, WI

    Everything that is on Espresso appeals to the different learning styles of the children

  • Louise McCormack, Teacher, Scranton, PA

    Espresso works nicely because the students can be in charge of their own learning

  • Matt Kline, Viking Elementary School, Holmen SD, WI

    In schools today technology is a must and with Espresso it allows the students to be engaged in technology

  • Rt Hon Michael Gove, UK Secretary of State for Education

    Opening the BETT 2012 show, Michael Gove highlighted Espresso as an example of a company that is using technology effectively to bring the curriculum alive.

  • Lourdes Michael, Teacher, Tampa, FL

    What I would say to other teachers who are not using Espresso, is that they definitely need to try it!


Reviews: Awards

We are proud to have been recognized by the following organizations.

  • 2013, Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence Winner

    Espresso was once again chosen as a winner in the Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence program. 

  • 2012, Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence Winner

    Espresso was chosen as a winner in the Tech and Learning Awards of Excellence program which honors outstanding ed tech products. 

    Read the press release

  • 2012, EdTech Digest Cool Tool Finalist

    Espresso was recognized as a "Cool Tool" finalist by EdTech Digest, a publication featuring companies dedicated to making a difference through the innovative use of technology.

    Read the Press Release

  • 2012, eSchool News Readers' Choice Awards

    This respected award is given annually to K12 education products nominated by readers of eSchool Media's publications, websites and email newsletters.

    Read the Press Release

  • 2011, District Administration "Top 100 Products for 2011"

    This prestigious acknowledgement is given annually to K12 education products that have supported education innovation and are nominated by school superintendents and district-level directors.

    Read the press release

  • 2011, EdTech Digest Cool Tool Finalist

    The EdTech Digest Awards Program recognizes people and companies in and around education for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere. 

    Read the press release