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Key Features: Overview

Phonics Module

Espresso Elementary is an online teaching and learning resource with content targeted to Pre-K to Grade 5.  

Teachers can benefit from this extensive tool through topical Learning Modules, pre-created Mini-Lessons, classroom-appropriate news stories and instruction driven by the Common Core State Standards. The wide-range of interactive, video-rich classroom activities provide an engaging learning experience for students that helps them connect what they learn with the world at large and inspires them to learn. Read about how this online resource can benefit teachers. 

Key Features: Standards-Driven Instruction

Browse Standards

In addition to searching for resources by subject area, you can also easily find resources for your lessons using our curriculum standards search. All resources are aligned to Common Core and State standards, and you can drill down by subject, grade level and standard. Additionally, each Module shows what standards are covered within and provides help in integrating the resources into your lesson plans. 

Key Features: Teacher's Support

Teacher Support - Common Core driven module guide

At Espresso Elementary, we are committed to supporting teachers in every way possible. We know that time is valuable, so we offer many features to help you use this online teaching resource effectively and make it easier to incorporate Common Core State Standards based lessons into your teaching.  

Get started with the overview videos in our Getting Started section. Our Module Guides provide teachers with an overview of each module including standards-driven instruction on using the resources inside and outside the classroom. Use our Mini-Lessons to address specific objectives, teachers can also save and edit as needed to personalize for their students. 

See more examples of teacher's support in this video. 

Key Features: Learning Modules

Inventors and Inventions Module

Each learning module is a larger unit of work designed to address specific standards. Teachers can use the resources within each module as is or to create a unique learning experience. The Module Guide will help teachers use the resources to meet the objectives covered, and includes Common Core driven instruction, and Application and Extension activities. 

Whether utilizing video clips, activities, interactive maps, or worksheets, to name a few, each module is full of stimulating real-world elements to enrich your topic or curriculum theme.

Key Features: Topical News and Current Events

News Roundup: The Presidential Debate

Our weekly news service called News Roundup brings the real world into the classroom. Each week we add two videos - actual news footage with classroom-appropriate, engaging text and voice-overs - and a differentiated newspaper article from USA TODAY. 

All news items are selected for their educational relevance and archived for future use. Embedded teacher's support makes it easy to turn any News Roundup video or article from a current event into a curriculum relevant teaching opportunity. 

News Roundup makes the news accessible for even the youngest learner, and is perfect for addressing non-fiction and informational text requirements of the Common Core State Standards. 

Key Features: Ready-Made Mini-Lessons

Ready made Mini-Lessons

Mini-Lessons are shorter lessons with standards-driven instruction that target specific concepts and skills. 

Mini-Lessons are written as guidance for teachers to address a specific learning outcome with Espresso resources. They are suitable for whole class instruction, independent study or group work. Step-by-step progression makes it easy for students to stay on task. 

Mini-Lessons can be used as is, or edited to address different ability levels in the classroom. 

Key Features: Variety of Resources

Search Function

With over 5600 resources comprised of videos, multimedia activities, photos, fact files, and pre-created Mini-Lessons Espresso Elementary keeps students engaged across different learning styles. There is no chance of getting bored of the same game or animation especially as Espresso brings in real-world resources that students can easily relate to.

Students will also love the Espresso Team characters that appear throughout the site. These fun, lively characters have unique and quirky personalities of their own. 

Download a poster for your classroom. 

Key Features: Lesson Planner Tool

Lesson Planner

Create, assign and track student work with our Lesson Planner tool. This feature on Espresso Elementary allows you to combine resources, put in step-by-step order, add instruction or further guidance, create and add quizzes, and assign to students.

These lessons are ideal for teachers to create their own sequence of resources, for use in the classroom or for students to work through at their own pace at home.

Watch our video to find out more about the Lesson Planner

Key Features: Interactive Whiteboard Friendly

Espresso on an iPad

Get much more use out of your interactive whiteboards. Espresso Elementary's full screen videos and activities make children jump to the board. All of our online resources can be used with interactive whiteboard software

Key Features: Accessible to All

Accessibility features - Natural Environments Module

Espresso Elementary believes in making technology more inclusive and effective for all. Customize this online teaching resource to support special education; for example, pages can be simplified to help students focus on the important information on the screen or change the color scheme for those who require high-visibility contrast, or program for use with a Switch device.