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Benefits For You: Overview

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Many students engage at a deeper level with video and interactive materials than through print-based media. With Espresso Elementary, teachers of preK through Grade 5 students can energize lessons with the wide variety of creative, multimedia resources available right at their fingertips. 

Benefits For You: Teachers

Teacher working with student at Interactive Whiteboard
  • Offers resources that support the delivery of more effective lessons
  • Helps address the Common Core State Standards
  • Saves valuable time in resource gathering and lesson planning; more time for focus on teaching
  • Facilitates truly cross-curricular teaching and learning
  • Delivers validated and appropriate resources with accurate leveling
  • Supports a variety of learning scenarios - from whole class instruction to independent or group instruction  
  • Enriches the learning process by supplementing traditional teaching methods
  • No content is removed from the service which allows teachers to plan lessons with confidence while receiving new and engaging materials for use on a weekly basis

Benefits For You: Students

Boy at laptop
  • Provides access to imaginative and stimulating curriculum resources
  • Helps them understand the importance and significance of events that happen in the world around them
  • Engages the less able student and stretches the more able students
  • Empowers students by allowing them to discover resources, record their learning journeys, and research facts for themselves - allowing them to take control of their own learning
  • Delivers a rich experience for children in a safe environment, in school and at home
  • Supports the development of 21st century computer skills
  • Makes learning fun and enjoyable

Benefits For You: Principals

Children at a whiteboard
  • Helps you implement Common Core State Standards
  • Makes best use of your interactive whiteboards, broadband, and network
  • Provides excellent value with weekly updates and constantly growing subject modules
  • Supports a standards-based, cross-curricular teaching approach 
  • Offers teachers high-quality materials that are firmly grounded in the curriculum, with no worry about appropriateness or relevance
  • Delivers resources that will assist in teaching strategies such as scaffolding learning, differentiated instruction and developing of higher order, critical thinking skills

Benefits For You: Districts

Children in computer lab
  • Makes the most out of your investment in interactive whiteboards and technology
  • Helps to meet national priorities such as the National Education Technology Plan and implementation of Common Core standards
  • Has no ongoing hardware or maintenance costs
  • Online delivery means responsiveness to curriculum changes
  • Serves the many needs of a district including libraries, pre-Kindergarten, Head Start centers, after-school programs, ELL, Special Education, and Healthy Living
  • Trustworthy resources - developed over 13 years by educators for educators
  • Includes a fully supported online professional development course

Benefits For You: Parents

Child using Espresso at home
  • Strengthens school-to-home links by bringing additional learning opportunities into the home
  • Enables parents to get more involved in their child's education and see what they are doing in school
  • Delivers a rich learning experience for children within a safe environment

Benefits For You: Communities

Children in classroom
  • Prepares children for more formal education with fun, leveled, curriculum-based activities
  • Promotes school readiness by teaching essential life skills such as healthy living and eating
  • Promotes cultural awareness with resources that allow children to explore their family and heritage as well as other families with different backgrounds