The Day and Night before Rehab

If you’re planning to go to rehab, well done! Respect.

Thousands of people know that heading to rehab to get control of their lives back was the best decision that they ever made. What a large percentage also know, is that the night before rehab, was scary. But they got through it, and changed their lives for the better, and wouldn’t want it any other way.

You’re about to leave your life for a designated amount of time, you will be with strangers, you contact with the outside world will be limited and possibly monitored, you don’t know what’s going to happen at drug rehab, what will the people be like, what will they make you do, and withdrawal looms, how is it going to feel, will you be able to bear it?

A Bug In The Dark

A Bug In The Dark

Our language is so curious. “I have a bug,” we says, and the mental images can be varied: we hold a small cage with a little bug in it; we cradle a bug in her hands; a bug sits in our throat. The latter is probably the closest to what we mean: an invisible organism (bacteria or virus) has taken hold of us, attacked our integrity, and caused us to have certain symptoms such as a cough or a stomachache. The image is compelling, but is this really how we get sick?

Our notions of sickness are peculiar to our time and culture. Immersed as we are in this culture, these notions have the aura of absolute truth. We KNOW that bacteria exist: smart people see them under the microscope, and are able to influence them in one way or another. We KNOW that certain bacteria or viruses are associated with the appearance of certain symptoms: smart people tell us so. They also tell us that the fact that the “bugs” appear together with the symptoms means that the bugs caused the symptoms.


8 Points to Remember About Drug Addiction

While the thought of a loved one or anyone else suffering from drug addiction may make you feel bad, there is almost always hope. Most drug rehab centres have great programmes to get the addict off drugs and heading back to a normal life. If you know a person who is addicted to drugs, encouraging them to get treatment is essential; the sooner they undergo treatment the more successful it will be.

Here are 8 points to remember about drug addiction: