5 Crucial Elements of Web Design

Some elements of web design are not as important as others. One thing’s for sure, you have to make your website easy for potential customers to use, otherwise they will leave in droves and never return. The 5 crucial elements of web design below all contribute something to ease of use, so by implementing them you have a much better chance that visitors will stay long enough to become customers.

  • Space is now being understood in a way that it never was before. It may seem strange to think that white space – which is essentially nothing – can be so important. What it does is increase flow and readability on the website. It is also important in the context of the other elements on the page. There is space between lines of text, between words and letters, and between images and text. It is important to ensure that the use of space is consistent throughout. For instance, you need to same amount of space between all images and text; don’t vary it. But it can be different from the amount of space between paragraphs, for example. And space can also be coloured. Plenty of space around text and buttons makes them stand out so they catch the eye more easily.
  • Easy to understand navigation. Navigation is what guides people around your website and leads them towards the action you want them to take. The simpler it is, the better experience the user will have. No one wants to stumble through a maze of text, never sure where they are heading or how to get back.