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Subject Coverage: Overview

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From core subjects like Math and English to more specialized subjects like Art and Health, Espresso Elementary offers many different types of resources to address the varying needs of your students.

If you are looking to address the Common Core standards, Espresso Elementary has provided embedded, point-of-use Teacher's Support. Standards-driven instruction with cross-curricular connections makes it easy for teachers find resources that can be used  across different subjects or topic areas.

In addition you can use the "Browse Standards" link at the top of each page to quickly access content that meets your specific standards.

Subject Coverage: Reading & Writing

Phonics Module: Learning Sound and Symbol Correspondences

Topics covered include:

  • Verbal and Written Communication
  • Forms of Writing
  • Handwriting
  • Reading skills
  • Writers on Writing

Don't forget to look at News Roundup - our weekly updating current events site that's packed with topical, nonfiction resources.

Our favorite module:

Phonics: Learning Sound and Symbol Correspondences

  • Learn spelling-sound correspondences for single consonants, common consonant digraphs, and long and short vowels
  • Decode regularly spelled one syllable words
  • Read common high frequency words by sight

Subject Coverage: Math

Fractions Module front page

Topics covered include:

  • Measurement
  • Numbers and Counting
  • Operations
  • Problem Solving
  • Shapes and Patterns 

Our favorite module:

Fractions: Recognize and Explain Equivalence - zap asteroids, use a space oven, and explore an outer space world to understand fractions, decimals, equivalent fractions, and the relationship between fractions and decimals.

Students will understand that fractions and decimals represent parts of a whole, recognize and explain equivalent fractions and decimals using a visual mode and identify decimal notation for fractions.

See our Fractions Module incorporated into a lesson.

Subject Coverage: Science

Tundra Video - Habitats Module

Topics covered include:

  • Earth & Space Science
  • Healthy Living
  • Life Science
  • Observation & Experiment
  • Physical Science

Our favorite module:

Habitats - How Animals Adapt to their Environments - This module explores key animals and plants that have adapted to survive and thrive in different habitats around the country. High-quality video takes students on a tour of the diverse and beautiful landscapes of the United States and introduces them to the creatures that live there. Supporting resources reflect the characteristics that make these animals and habitats unique.   

See one of our science modules being used in the classroom. 

Subject Coverage: Social Studies

Module - The Age of Exploration

Topics covered include:

  • American History
  • Ancient Civilizations
  • Civics
  • Communities
  • Cultures
  • Current Events
  • Geography
  • World History 

Our favorite module:

The Age of Exploration: Exploring New Continents - discover how sea and ocean explorations helped change the world. Learn about the routes of early explorers, discover what each explorer sought, what he found, and how these discoveries changed the world. 

Subject Coverage: Art

Leonardo da Vinci Video - Artists Collection

Topics covered include:

  • Art History
  • Creative Process

Our favorite module:

Artists Collection - this collection brings together videos that offer examples of the works of a number of famous artists. The videos are presented in a virtual gallery which includes a floor plan with direct links to four major artistic periods. Students will enjoy this colorful introduction to the world of artists.

Subject Coverage: Music

Tropical Sounds Video - Music Search Module

Topics covered include:

  • Creative Process
  • Dance
  • Songs
  • Sound and Music

Our favorite module:

Music Search - video and other resources explore the five elements of music: rhythm, dynamics, pitch, tempo, and timbre. Examples of each element are provided and video and audio resources give students the opportunity to examine how the mood of a piece of music is affected by changes to an element.

Subject Coverage: Health & PE

Favorite Fruit Activity - Food Module

Topics covered include:

  • Health
  • Sports

Our favorite module:

Food: Learn How to Eat Well - developed to help children understand how the foods we eat affect our health. The video is organized into four sections and includes important messages about healthy eating to promote class discussion. 

Subject Coverage: Classroom-Appropriate Current Events

Espresso Elementary News Roundup

Our weekly News Roundup videos and USA TODAY articles bring the real world into the classroom through topical, classroom-appropriate stories that will help your students understand the world around them.

All news is archived for use across the curriculum, and is perfect for addressing the informational text requirements of the Common Core State Standards. All News Roundup videos and articles include standards-driven teaching support, transcripts, and key questions for discussion. 

Subject Coverage: Teachers using Espresso

Watch how teachers are using the Espresso Elementary resources to support their teaching. 

Using Espresso to support Math standards

Cathy Burge from Viking Elementary, Holmen SD, WI uses Espresso to expand her students' knowledge of fractions


Using Espresso to support Science standards

Matt Kline of Viking Elementary, Holmen SD, WI uses Espresso resources as part of his Earth Day science lesson