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Instruction Driven By The Common Core Standards

Are you looking for resources to help you address the Common Core into your lessons? Sign up for your free trial today and see how implementing the Common Core is easy with Espresso. 

  • Embedded Teacher's Support - all resources on Espresso are aligned to the Common Core but we know this is not enough. We also provide Module Guides and explicit teacher instruction so teachers can easily see how a resource matches the standards and know how to use the resources to meet the depth and rigor required by the standards. 
  • Support for Informational Text - one of the biggest challenges schools and districts are facing is the increase in the proportion of informational text that now needs to be incorporated into the curriculum. Our weekly News Roundup service makes current events accessible for even the youngest learner, and is perfect for addressing the informational text requirements of the CCSS. Teacher's support makes it easy to turn any News Roundup video or article from a current event into a curriculum relevant teaching opportunity. 
  • Standards-based pre-created lessons - No time to create your own lessons? Espresso has done some planning for you with our Mini-Lessons. These standards-driven resources are written as guidance for teachers to address a specific learning outcome with Espresso resources. Mini-Lessons can be edited and shared as needed, great for personalizing for your individual students. 


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Download a copy of our Implementing the Common Core Standards Flyer and share with your colleagues